August 25, 2009

I’ve always had an eye for these crazy loud prints.  I always just thought they were retro 70’s prints but they are really called Marimekko.  Maybe you already knew that, but I didn’t. I love it! I want to get some wallpaper in the Marimekko fashion. Obsessed!

marimekko_1984_78872654itemimage-picture-304_t278marimekko_annukamarimekko-labocacontactP01.m4nPretty great right? Check out Marimekko!




Fallen Princess Project

August 9, 2009


August 9, 2009

I haven’t really shopped since living in NYC. But yesterday I bought myself a little treat for working 7 days a week.

IMG00241It’s sooooo FAB!

Look familiar?


Matching shoes to be continued….


James Jardine

August 8, 2009

I miss him so much. Its geting really bad. I love you.



August 6, 2009

If you know anything about me you know that I am absolutely infatuated with heels. High heels that is.. Its a problem. God Look at this closet.

FantasyClosetLSG1This will be mine one day…

I’m Staying Part Deux

July 24, 2009

Hey yall,

So like I said I’m officially staying in NYC.  Today I interviewed for a job and I am now part of the Sales team at AB! (YAY).  It is so surreal, I can’t believe this is happening.  Time to find an Apartment (that I can afford) and get my life more situated.  Time to go out to dinner with friends and celebrate!



I’d die

July 22, 2009

A Happy Girl



With All of These Things

I’m Staying

July 13, 2009

So upon me coming to New York I made a deal with my parents.  I said if I don’t have a job in the fashion industry doing something by the end of my three months then I will come home.  This deal was pretty loose, working retail counts. And that’s just how it worked out.   I have been interviewing and in contact with Michael Kors since I got here but they were over staffed and couldn’t bring me on right away.  Well today I got the job, I start Saturday. Yah, its just retail for now, but it will help me while I am on my job search at the end of August.

This brings me to my next topic.  I need a roommate/s.  I want to live in the Lower East Side. I love it here and I don’t wanna leave.  Also, I need a lady roommate/s who isn’t a fucking crazy bitch.  I have had a few (mostly my sister).  I like to keep to myself for the most part and I stay in my room alot. Is that weird? Also I am never home and I like to do my own thing. So I need someone who doesn’t get offended by this (some people do).

I want to move in middle of August or beginning of September. I can spend $1,000 more or less for rent a month.

If you know anyone who would be  interested or you are let me know please.



The Pool Party

July 12, 2009

Today was an adventure with my dear friend Nina Su.  Upon waking up I received a very out of breath call from Nina.  She said “I’m jogging over the Williamsburg bridge and I’m coming over!” or something like that.  Anyway upon her arrival we decided with both had a massive craving for bubble tea and ventured around chinatown/les searching for some good stuff.  Finally we ended up back in Williamsburg and made it out to The Pool Party.  This is a massive party with bands food and beers.  We drooled over the beautiful boys playing dodgeball for a really long time, it was awesome.  I definitely recommend getting wasted before you go because the beer is a tad expensive.  Check it out!



Where in the world

July 2, 2009

have i been? well I gots no Internet now.  Right now I am at a fantastic wifi cafe in the Lower East Side watching it rain while the sun is out.  Its fabulous.

Ok, so I am no longer in Brooklyn.  Just couldn’t handle the hipster. haha nooo.  I was offered a three bedroom place on the Lower East Side to myself for free soooo I had to take the opportunity.  I love it.  I’m happy and always swamped at work.

I absolutely love my internship and I get giddy when I am falling asleep because I am excited to work the next day.  Is that dorky or what?  I really like it.

I recently went to the Hamptons or Shelter Island to go to Sam’s wedding and had a fabulous time.  Other than that nothing is new.  Living the dream and keeping myself away from bad situations.